Do you want to know how Dúbravka, Koubek and Vaclík trained in AC Sparta Prague? Join us and find out!


Our team led by the AC Sparta Prague goalkeeping coach Daniel Zítka prepared for you an international goalkeeper camp. You will have a chance to train like goalkeepers in AC Sparta Prague. Our camp is not just a summer camp but a professional preparation for those, who are ready to work hard. Are you one of us?

Our goal

Our main objective is to show that raising an excellent goalkeeper is not determined by the prestige of a football club, but by quality and elaboration of training sessions. We are passing the most of our knowledge based on our experiences to the goalkeepers during the entire course of the camp. We want them to improve their performance by gaining and adapting new skills in goalkeeping techniques, development of movement coordination while taking into account individual skill level and age.

Our training sessions

Training sessions are held twice a day under the lead of certified coaches headed by Daniel Zítka, our head coach. You will be assigned to a 4-member group according to your age and experiences. The team will ensure a high quality practice with an individual approach.

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We will make sure you’ll get to experience the real football camp. You will be living, travelling, eating and training like a true professional. Each day is carefully planned out from breakfast till dinner.

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Tomáš Vaclík

I know how important a regular and high-quality practice is. I believe that the coach himself is the guarantee of quality. I was lucky enough to have Pavel Srniček as my coach along with Daniel Zítka in Sparta. He truly helped me to professionally grow as a goalkeeper. It was also thanks to him that I was able to transfer abroad and make it to the national football representation of the Czech Republic. Dan Zítka was able to learn from his experiences after the end of his career and pass this knowledge to other young as well as adult goalkeepers in Sparta. I believe that the Academy has a great future with Zítka as the head coach and I’m wishing them all the best.

Tomáš Vaclík Sevilla FC and Czech national team
Martin Dúbravka

I have so far only collaborated with very professional goalkeeping coaches in the clubs. This also applies to my time in AC Sparta Prague, where coaches Zítka and Galinovič are in charge. Both of them actively participated in my training and match preparations prior to my transfer to Newcastle United. I believe that the academy under the lead of coach Zítka will raise excellent goalkeepers. I wish you all the success.

Martin Dúbravka Newcastle United FC and Slovak national team
Florin Nita

When I transferred to Sparta Prague, my high expectations about the goalkeeping coaches were met. I liked the communication during the practice, explanation of individual exercises, training concept and, of course, Daniel Zítka’s approach to coaching. When I saw his background as a professional player and a coach, it motivated me to perform better as I got a chance to work with him. He was a great goalkeeper and now continues to be, from my point of view, one of the best goalkeeping coaches. I really recommend this academy: practice with BADZ and become the best you can be!

Florin Nita AC Sparta Prague and Romania national team

Our team

Daniel Zítka

Daniel Zítka’s experiences as a player and coach are a guarantee of quality and professionalism. At the peak of his active career, Daniel spent the most time in RSC Anderlecht Belgium, where he regularly figured as the first choice goalkeeper. At the end of his engagement in Brussels, Zítka moved to Sparta Prague, where he worked as youth goalkeeping coach and is now the head goalkeeping coach of the A team.

  • 6 professional teams
  • 25 256 in game minutes
  • 283 matches played
  • 110 clean sheets
Daniel Zítka